What will you learn?

1.      How to create your own scientific research poster

2.      The right tools and free templates to create your poster

3.      All about poster sizes, colors, fonts, and image formats

4.      What different sections of your poster should look like

5.      Easy-to-apply tips to make your research poster stand out

6.      How to present your work professionally at a conference

Course Description

Presenting your research at an upcoming conference, but want to really stand out? Make an impact with a striking scientific research poster and get your work noticed. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, our detailed video program is all you need to create research posters and showcase your work

This program presents step-by-step instructions, expert advice and technical inputs, all delivered in bite-sized modules. You will learn the ideal software to use, where to find professional templates for free, and get tips on the best colors, fonts, images, and formats to use when creating your poster. By the end of this course, you will know the key components of a good poster, the type of content and design it show have, and how to tie in all the different components to create a research poster that grabs your audience’s attention.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: What software to use to make your poster

Lecture 2: Where to get PowerPoint templates for free

Lecture 3: All about poster sizes, colors, fonts, and image formats

Lecture 4: How to add images, charts, and graphs to your poster

Lecture 5: How to use Whitespace to draw the eye

Lecture 6: What the sections of your poster should look like

Lecture 7: All about flow and text

Lecture 8: What makes a poster stand out?

Lecture 9: How to use an elevator pitch while presenting

Lecture 10: Where to print your poster cheaply and quickly

John Elder

John Elder is a pioneer in Web Development who created one of the first Internet advertising networks back in 1997. He sold it to a publicly traded company at the height of the dot com boom and then went on to create the best-selling Submission-Spider search engine submission software that's been used by over 3 million individuals and small businesses in over 45 countries.

Today, he teaches Web Development courses at Codemy the online code school he founded. John graduated with honors with a degree in economics from Washington University in St. Louis where he was an artsci scholar.

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