How To Write A Grant Proposal For Research Funding?

Get the funds you need to enhance your research with this detailed step-by-step approach to writing a winning grant proposal

What you will learn

  1. Learn the basics of effective grant writing
  2. Understand the various sections of the grant proposal
  3. Know how to format the grant proposal
  4. Discover where to look for funds

Course Description

It is expected of researchers to be able to write persuasive grant proposals that help their research get funded. Needless to say, this critical step that allows reviewers to evaluate the merit and significance of your research needs utmost preparation and meticulousness. If getting the desired funding for your research project is your immediate goal, it is imperative to arm yourself with best practices, tips and guidelines from experts.

This detailed course will help you know more about the key sections of the grant proposal and the format. By the end of the course, you will understand all the components of a proposal. Knowing where to start your funding search can also be a daunting aspect. This course will empower you with the knowledge of the best funding sources. The course will benefit early-mid career researchers and research administrators. After completing the course, you will gain a detailed understanding of what the reviewers look for in a proposal.

What will you cover?

Lecture 1: Introduction to Grant Writing
Lecture 2: Preparing Stage - Where to look for funds?
Lecture 3 : Execution Stage - Writing and formatting the grant
Lecture 4: Submission, review, and results
Lecture 5: 10 core sections of grant application
Lecture 6: Tips for effective Grant Writing

Your Instructor

Dr Jacob Wickham
Dr Jacob Wickham

Dr Jacob Wickham, Managing Editor of the journal Integrative Zoology, is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Zoology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Adjunct Professor at the Department of Entomology in Rutgers University. An award-winning and celebrated zoologist, Dr. Wickham has over 15 years of experience in academic publishing and had published several papers in high impact journals. Dr. Wickham has gained a lot of valuable experience in research and journal publishing over the years and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with researchers to help them in their publication journey.

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