What will you learn?

1.      Introduction to writing various types of manuscripts

2.      How to write an original research manuscript

3.      Using checklists for your manuscript

4.      How to choose a journal that is best for your manuscript

Course Description

Writing a research manuscript is an important milestone in the scholarly journey. Getting this manuscript published can often cause severe anxiety. Journal editors and peer reviewers love a well-structured manuscript because it allows them to focus on the content and research methodology, but writing such a manuscript, that follows all established protocols, is not always easy.

This program includes bite-sized modules that help you grasp the basic concepts of manuscript writing in a lucid manner. It will show you how you can write a publication-ready manuscript that is well-written, cohesively presented, and certain to impress the journal editor and peer reviewers. You will learn how to structure your original research article into the IMRAD format, understand how to create original articles, including case reports and letters to the editor, and also get tips on how to choose the right journal with the highest chances of acceptance.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: An introduction to manuscript writing

Lecture 2: Choosing a journal for your manuscript

Lecture 3: Writing an original manuscript

Lecture 4: Writing the case report

Lecture 5: General tips to enhance your writing

Lecture 6: Taking a checklist-based approach 

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