How To Write A Research Paper Title? Do's And Don’ts Of Writing A Research Title

What will you learn?

  1. A 5-step method with examples to frame the perfect title
  2. Tips and guidelines to make your title crisp, error-free, and discoverable
  3. How to build context and relevance in your manuscript title
  4. Using a checklist of must-do’s when writing your title

Course Description

At some point of time, every research author has asked, ‘Is the title of my paper good enough?’ This is because the title of your research plays a vital role in getting your work noticed. The power of an effective title is such that it can influence a reader’s decision to read the rest of the paper. But how do you craft a winning title?

To solve your dilemma and answer your questions, this training program for researchers, created in the form of a handbook, takes you through the entire process of writing a title, while giving your expert tips that will help you frame the perfect title. With the help of this handbook, you will master the art of creating a great title that is compact, appealing, and most importantly, makes your paper discoverable.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Of newspaper headlines and research paper titles

Lecture 2: Should a title be catchy or straightforward?

Lecture 3: How to write a title: A handheld exercise

Lecture 4: The hallmarks of a good title

Lecture 5: A checklist to finalize the title

Lecture 6: Conclusion

Lecture 7: Bonus - Tips on writing a winning title

Your Instructor

Sneha Kulkarni
Sneha Kulkarni

Sneha’s interest in the communication of research led her to her current role of developing and designing content for researchers and authors. She publishes articles and creates educational content that provides researchers and authors insights into the latest developments and trends in the publishing industry. She is also passionate about teaching ESL and EFL teaching.

Course Curriculum

  How To Write A Research Paper Title? Do's And Don’ts Of Writing A Research Title
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