How To Write Methods Section In Research Paper?

What will you learn?

  1. How to draft a well-written methods section
  2. Enhancing the credibility of your research
  3. Using tips, checklists, videos, and expert guidelines for this section
  4. The nitty-gritties of writing an effective materials and methods section
  5. The key components of the methods section
  6. Including ethical information in this section


The methods section of a manuscript is like a roadmap leading to the core of your research, guiding readers along the journey you took to find the answer to your research question. A key section of your manuscript, it contains the essential details other scientists need to replicate the experiments of your study and helps those outside the academic community understand your study better.

This program, in the form of a handbook, will help you craft a comprehensive, easy-to-understand materials and methods section. Get expert insights and advice on how to add ethical information in your work, including other detailed dos and don’ts when writing this section. With in-depth videos, and a handy checklist, this handbook acts as the perfect guide to writing a well-structured methods section, which establishes the robustness and reproducibility of your study.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Of recipes and materials & methods

Lecture 2: What comprises this section?

Lecture 3: Ethical concerns

Lecture 4: Dos and Don’ts when presenting the materials and methods

Lecture 5: A checklist for a final once-over

Lecture 6: Conclusion

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Sneha Kulkarni

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  How To Write Methods Section In Research Paper?
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