Keep Calm And Wait: A Guide To Understanding Journal Statuses

What will you learn?

  1. How to track your manuscript’s status in the online submission system
  2. The process flow at the journal end, from manuscript submission to acceptance
  3. How to decode different statuses that are displayed, from submission to first decision
  4. What statuses you can expect for your revised manuscript, from submission to final decision
  5. Common queries that authors have about journal statuses along with their answers
  6. When you should inquire and how often should you follow up with journal editors


For every author, the time from a manuscript’s submission to final decision is perhaps the most nerve-wracking experience. But worry not, there’s help at hand now! This specially curated handbook is designed to help you understand a manuscript’s end-to-end journey from submission to publication.

Learn the meanings of statuses and the average time taken at each stage, along with detailed descriptions of the many statuses from submission to first decision and final decision. It also helps you understand the difference between being patient and waiting too long, identify situations when you should raise a query, and tells you how often you should follow up on email. Toward the end, you will be well equipped to track the progress of your manuscript and join all the dots about its status as it moves through the journal’s submission system, which will go a long way in easing your anxiety.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: What’s happening to my manuscript?

Lecture 2: Why is the process taking so long?

Lecture 3: Why are statuses on submission systems confusing?

Lecture 4: How do I know what a status means?

Lecture 5: Am I the only one with questions?

Lecture 6: Time for a quick revision

Lecture 7: Can I do anything to reduce the waiting time?

Lecture 8: Conclusion and summary

Your Instructor

Kakoli Majumder
Kakoli Majumder

Kakoli has over ten years’ experience in the field of English Communication and Training, the last four of which have been dedicated to academic publishing. She is passionate about helping young researchers and authors, particularly, non-native speakers of English, overcome the barriers of language and publish in international English language journals. In her current role, her aim is to educate researchers about the publication process and good publication practices. She also writes learning content targeted at young researchers. Kakoli’s empathy with authors and her understanding of the problems they face in research writing and publishing is reflected in her article “How do authors feel when they receive negative reviewer comments: An experience from Chinese biomedical researchers."

Course Curriculum

  Keep Calm And Wait: A Guide To Understanding Journal Statuses
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